• Freshman Admission Program: AIC Education prides itself in our success as admission strategists. We understand that applying to college is a culmination of your life’s education and something you experience only once. Since then, we have developed our vision to stretch far beyond just college admissions; now, it is a network of talented students that provide mutual networking benefits. Our Admission Programs service students seeking admission into America’s top tier universities. Each and every one of our students has successfully been admitted to the Top 25 colleges within the US. What’s more, selected individuals are chosen for AIC’s annual summer internships, where students gain experience in every aspect of business development from marketing, operations, consulting, development, to even the financial aspects of a company. Our internship has been running for the past five years, and every year our interns’ accomplishments are sent to every fortune 500 company. As a result, a majority of our scholars have been placed into companies like Goldman Sachs, Mckinsey & Company, NASA, CIA, etc. Students should start to apply to our Admission Programs starting in November of their junior year. Once enrolled, he/she will enjoy a lifetime of benefits and guidance.
    • Program Highlights:
      • one to one service
      • extensive training
      • in-depth analysis of student profile
      • weekly office hour
  • transfer program: AIC Education offers high quality college transfer services to our students in the current competitive transfer admission environment. We understand that transfer admission is a crucial second opportunity for a student who has not got into his or her dream school. AIC Education consists of highly qualified consultants who are able to draw from years of personal and professional experience to confidently provide you with expert advice. AIC improves the chance of admissions for our students into the schools of their choice. We understand that each student has individual needs; thus, we offer an array of options catering to every aspect of the transfer admissions process. Today’s college transfer admission environment is changing from one year to the next, and our consultants can help our students to understand the opportunities and pitfalls embedded in the transfer process. Our students are given a solid understanding of where they stand and are provided with an objective review of the chances of admissions into targeted schools. Once we have identified a student’s current standing, we can then make suggestions that tailor to our students’ needs. Our in-depth analysis will provide us with focused strategies to portray a student on his or her applications in the most effective way. Upon completion of our analysis, we will provide you with the following information: Your personal strengths, weaknesses, and unique characteristics as well as our general and specific strategies. Because of our research capabilities, our knowledge, our experience, our qualified consultants, and our expertise, we have student representation in every top tier school. AIC Education can help students develop a finer vision for their futures and develop an individualized plan to guide them through the most effective courses of action.
  • guidance program: Our Guidance Program has a dual mission: to develop students with clearly defined education goals, and to help them achieve their goals through revolutionary and methodical guidance. The concept of our guidance program was first conceived through meticulous discussions between our consultants and professional educators, such as college deans and professors at Columbia, Princeton, Stanford and University of Pennsylvania. The program was then developed and perfected through incessant iteration, editing, and research by our team of Ivy League graduates and professionals in the educations field. Tersely put, our guidance program is the combination of academic ideals as guided by college education professionals, and practical applications as developed by successful scholars. Students can apply to our Guidance Program any time during their 9th or 10th grade. Once enrolled, he/she will enjoy a continuous and beneficial guidance.
  • graduate program: Our Graduate Admission Program provides services concerning variety of application issues ranging from routine application form questions, specific department/program analysis, personalized essay revision, case reviews, in-depth career outlook etc. It is a place where the past experiences, the current workloads, and the future aspirations of our students are woven into dynamic career profiles which are then skillfully represented to maximize the chances of admission. Comparing with undergraduate admission, graduate admission has a distinctively varied nature. The program in one department varies widely from program in another department and sometimes even sub programs differ within the same department; professors, rather than admission officers, within a program have decisive opinions on admission processes which means there are many admission process styles within one university. Consequently our services are geared towards each student and each graduate major differently. By working with us, our students not only acquired application assistance, but also gained knowledge concerning U.S. graduate education in general and obtained insights on future career development. Our highly qualified consultants, who personally had years of experiences in U.S. graduate schools and who had helped over 200 students to reach their target schools, are here to help you on a one-to-one basis. For each case, we provide in-depth analysis based on the preliminary and comprehensive evaluation of a student’s all around capabilities, which include but not limited to the following: students’ academic standing, standard test performances, extracurricular activities, leadership qualities, internship experiences, exposure to research projects etc. Because of our research capabilities, our knowledge, our experience, our qualified consultants, and our expertise, we have helped many students to reach graduate programs of their dreams. The secret of our success lies in the fact that we understand the requirements of graduate programs and help our students portray themselves accordingly. Understanding that the career preparedness and research focus are two very important aspects for every graduate school applicant, we have helped many students to construct effective professional profiles, which eventually led to their successful admission.