New Trends In College Admission

New Trends In College Admission

The 2020 to 2021 college application cycle is basically over. Although many of our applicants entered the top 20 universities, the acceptance rate to competitive universities has declined. This is common for all Asian applicants this year.

Faced with this situation, we need to analyze and understand the new trend, and adjust individual application strategies. The pandemic poses the biggest challenge for all 2020 applicants and will continue to make impact on 2021 applicants.

  • Activities Cancelled

Yes, your most cherished activities, which can brighten your resume and add weight to your candidacy are gone. The result is that you may not have enough best material to fill up a video you are preparing for college, or your resume is left with a huge hole of inconsistency and discontinuity. How to make the best of situation and present yourself in the best possible light, given all the difficulties you’ve been facing?

  • Testing Anxiety Increased

The cancellation of SAT2 tests and the SAT essay are not really good news for many Asian American students. Although the test pressure is lifted, colleges still have to evaluate your academic performance. Under such a circumstance, how to put more energy on other indicators of your quality, and how to convince college of your outstanding capabilities is very important.

  • Recommendation letters are harder to obtain

The daily interaction with teachers and the classroom dynamics are gone. Teachers are now just figures in Zoom videos; exams and homework are simplified; the rapport of relationship is damaged. How to get the best recommendation letters from your teachers without making them think you are too aggressive on personal advancement?

  • More Application For Top Colleges

A large number of students accepted to top college in 2020 deferred their enrollment (10% or even more), and they are going to be entering the college with the 2021 crowds. This means that less space for the 2021 students in top colleges. At the same time, the application to top colleges are increasing by 50% due to the absence of certain SAT requirements. Our prediction for 2021 is that the competition will be more fierce than before and you’d better be prepared.

University admissions (especially admissions to top universities) are paying more attention to the personal representation of students, such as students’ overall 4-year high school academic performance, students’ personal growth, students’ personal strengths, Personality, school and teacher evaluation, etc. The new strategy is to strengthen self-reflection, self-cultivation, mental and emotional involvement in activities, and the enthusiasm of helping other people. When applying, students must be able to grasp their own characteristics and highlight the aspects that best represent themselves. Pursuing one’s own specific expertise, having unique hobbies and life philosophy are also very important.

AIC has been engaged in preparing and guiding students’ applications for many years. Our focus is to help students review their experiences, reflect on their past, find the topics and content that best represent them after a thorough and comprehensive understanding of students’ high school years. After many years of consultation, AIC has accumulated a lot of experiences. In the face of the above changes, we are enhancing our existing methods and exploring new ideas to help students strive for their ideal university.

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