About Us

ADDRESS: 4475 S. Clinton Ave. Suite 201,    S. Plainfield, NJ 07080
Telephone: 908-274-7568
Email: contacts@aic-edu.com

It started with a business idea that was developed by Chen Zhang, the CEO of the company, and recognized through MIT’s $50K Entrepreneurship Competition in 2003. The initial plan was to test our programs within New Jersey, where our first office was opened in 2004. In April of 2007, recognized for possessing superior education quality, through the Investments of Oriental Patron Financial Corporation, AIC opened the first office in Shenzhen, China. Through the past several years, AIC has expanded operations to five cities across China. Each year, the continual focus on quality service will help AIC maintain its competitive advantage.

Founder’s message: I remember a certain speech given by a professor of psychology at Columbia University, two months before graduation: “Class, there is a great urgency! You will be graduating in two months, so let’s forget about cognitive science for a while and focus on why you’re really here at Columbia. Five or ten years from now, all of you will be making six figure incomes, and most likely will be living the American Dream. Yet, I tell you this: if that is all you have done, even within the short span of five or ten years, you have failed. You have failed Columbia because you were not accepted into this University based on your potential to live personally enriching lives. You were accepted because of your potential to make a difference in society. Invent the next cure for AIDS, build a space probe that will explore space, initiate economic reform in some third-world country, change people’s lives and meet the challenges of life not as problems but as opportunities to transform the world. If, all you do within ten years is live well instead of living nobly, you have failed not only Columbia but your potential, and should have never been accepted into this University in the first place. The professor’s speech solidified my dedication to AIC Education. I too yearn to a make difference in this world, difference that is peerless in comparison.